Disparate Integrations by the Photo Secessionists

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Disparate Integrations is the third exhibition in the Photogenus series by the Darlington Photo-secessionist Group. Three photographers from the Group, Geoff Dodds, Jim Lycett and Ian Martin have brought together recent work to form a collective body that spans several genre, techniques and processes; the in-escapable theme is one of Pictorialism. Flying in the face […]

Alternative Landscape by Dave Thomas

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Dave Thomas named this collection “alternative” because he feels that his images don’t conform to the classic notion of what landscape photography should be. His approach is not accidental. He likes to produce abstract shapes and forms within the viewfinder. As a result all the photos have kept their original form and have not been […]

Members’ Exhibition 2011

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United by a Love of Photography From a retired university lecturer to the proverbial Aussie IT guy, all twenty-five members of the Darlington Media Group with images in this yearʼs Annual Memberʼs Exhibition are united by one thing – a love of photography. As usual the exhibition reflects a full range of subjects and styles […]

Upcoming Exhibition: Masham Cattle Auction Mart by Henry Brown

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Market Memories Now Part of Our Farming History The foot-and-mouth outbreak that swept the UK at the beginning of 2001 changed the face of agriculture in Britain, bringing to an end places and events in the farming calendar that had lasted for centuries. Masham Cattle Auction Mart was one such victim of the drastically changed […]

Exhibition Opening Event: Fresh Perspectives

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On Saturday 15th January at 2pm the Fresh Perspectives exhibition will officially open. The artists themselves will be there to answer any questions you may have on the photos. Entry is free and nibbles will be provided For more information on the exhibition click here

New Exhibition: Photogenus II, exploration of the pinhole

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Photogenus II is the second exhibition by members and guests of the Darlington Photo-secessionists. Contributors to the exhibition, with their individual styles, have explored many aspects of pinhole photography and have produced iconic images mainly from around the Darlington area. The exhibition runs from September 26th-November 28th 2009, and is open from 12-7pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and […]

International Event

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Title: International Event. Location: Darlington Media Workshop Description: Darlington Media Group will be holding an international event in the Media Workshop on Saturday 20th June from 2-5pm. Top of the bill is a look at the effects of the fall of the Berlin Wall – this year is the 20th anniversary. DMG is hosting an […]

‘Lost World’ by Georg Krause

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The Factory Floor in the German Democratic Republic Opening Decisive Moment Gallery. June 20th at 2pm Decisive Moment Gallery. June 20th to September 19th 2009 The first UK showing of the work of Berlin photographer Georg Krause opens at Darlington Media Group’s Decisive Moment Gallery on Saturday 20th June. Lost World was produced during the […]

Exhibition Opening – 20th June 2009 – Georg Krause

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Title: Exhibition Opening Location: Decisive Moment Gallery Description: Georg Krause’s exhibition ‘Lost World: The Factory Floor of the German Democratic Republic’ opens at 2pm – also two DMG video productions will get their premier today; International Day 2008, and Community Carnival 2008 Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2009-06-20