9th November 2005 to 7th January 2006

Grohner Düne

'Grohner Düne' by Andreas Bohnhoff

Poetic images from the 13th floor of a high-rise in Bremen, Germany mark this first UK showing of Andreas Bonhoff’s remarkable study of life in a 1970s housing estate. With suggestions of the architects’ original intentions of a life with a view from the heavens, mingled with the reality of high-rise life, Andreas’ exhibition is accompanied by an interactive documentary film 13th Floor by film-makers Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing. The film has received critical acclaim in Germany as one of the first successful examples of a genuinely interactive structure. This is the first showing in the UK for both the exhibition and the film.

medienwerkstattarbeitnehmerGrohner Düne represents Darlington Media Group’s first collaboration with the Medienwerkstatt of the Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen. An organisation with similar aims as ourselves, we hope to develop further projects with them in the future. The DVD film 13ter Stock, which accompanies this exhibition, has just been reviewed in the prestigious Die Zeit newspaper. Click here for an English translation of the review, and here to go to the 13ter Stock web site.

Grohner Düne is an Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen exhibition.dmgallery-logo-small-blue