26th July 2008 – 24th September 2008

'Corrina and Anna' by Sabine Bungert
'Corrina and Anna' by Sabine Bungert
Since 1994 Sabine Bungert has been running a long-term photo project. She takes portraits ofCorinna (34) and her daughter Anna (13) in a strictly documentary style in front of a plain white background. This is to detach them from their social surroundings and focus entirely on mother and daughter, providing an undisturbed and straight view for the beholder.

The first photo, taken in 1994, shows Corinna right after she received her „Abitur“ certificate for sucessfully finishing secondary school. Approximately one year later Anna was born; another year after that Corinna married her long-term friend who is the father of daughter Anna. By now Corinna sucessfully finished her studies, an internship at school and is now teaching English and history at a school in Duesseldorf, Germany. Anna attends 7th grade, loves to go shopping with her friends and enjoys music and sports (especially football).


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