Photos from Chris Booth and Stuart Boulton

This collection of work reflects the varied nature of subject matter covered by a press photographer working in the North East.  Assignments can be of a sensitive nature stressing the need to be much more than just the taker of a picture.  Recording the news leads to a high degree of involvement on occasion which influences the image captured.  Unlike other fields of photography, there are large restrictions on lighting and venue.  Regularly a photo call may be carried out in the middle of the day with the sun high in the sky resulting in high contrasts in light or in a darkened room with a complete lack of light – certainly not conditions you would wish for .  Similarly Locations are also often a problem and not something you are given a choice in  –  messy, cluttered backgrounds will hinder the producing of a image and it can be hard work to make the subject(s) stand out from their surroundings.  Such variables result in press photographers being able to think very fast on their feet to adapt to the respective conditions and environment – a skill which is invaluble in the fast moving nature of the profession.

The Northern Echo photographers involved with this exhibiton are Andy Lamb, Chris Booth, Dave Wood, Stuart Boulton and Tom Banks.

The Exhibition runs from the 23rd July to 4th September.