Paul Gibson’s Exhibition Marsden Bay will be on at the Decisive Moment Gallery from the 30th October – 11 December.

There will be an opportunity to meet the artist on Wedensday 3rd November. All Are welcome to attend.

Marsden Bay is home to some of the best coastal scenery in England. This stretch of coastline has been carved out of the landscape by winds, rain, hail and snow and the raw power of the North Sea and is in a state of constant change. This dramatic shoreline is testament to the forces of nature and is a beautiful sight whether summer or winter, rain or shine. It is at its most magnificent when the seas are raging and the storm clouds have gathered and the power of nature is seen in all its vigour and might.

Marsden Bay holds a special place in Paul Gibson’s heart and that is reflected in his collection of beautiful landscapes. The images can be meditated on as if one is sitting on Marsden’s shores staring peacefully out to the horizon.

A must see for any photography lover in the darlington area