Dave Thomas named this collection “alternative” because he feels that his images don’t conform to the classic notion of what landscape photography should be.

His approach is not accidental. He likes to produce abstract shapes and forms within the viewfinder. As a result all the photos have kept their original form and have not been cropped. This collection ranges from urban/industrial scenarios to country/seaside scenes. All of which represent the way in which we relate to the world around us.

Dave never formally studied photography but instead draws upon his knowledge of what is now known as “fine art” but then was simply known as drawing and painting.

Dave puts his keen powers of observation to work in all his work and likes to stray from photo-realism with a more impressionistic approach.

Dave feels that our memories are made up of fragments of time, not absolute reality. That each of us document the world around us and that this exhibition shows his unique point of view.

A fresh look at landscape photography spanning over 40 years inspired by a love of painting, movies and music.

ALTRENATIVE LANDSCAPE runs from 18th June to 13th August at the Decisive Moment Gallery. Entry is Free. For more information contact us on 01325 488139 or mediaworkshop@me.com