Brenda Burrell inhabits and documents from the inside, the uneasy survival of a former coastal pit village, its uniquely English architecture and vibrant, indefatigable people. After a spirited struggle, the mine, one of the most productive in Europe, was finally closed in 1991, putting a whole community out of work, its buildings, and all surrounding supply industries shattered and then bulldozed. The twenty intervening years has seen photographers Simon Norfolk, John Davies, Sirkka Liisa Konittinen and filmmaker Lee Hall walk the streets, comb the now beautiful deserted beaches, making art where the pit waste once was dumped.This latest and ongoing piece of work shows the younger inhabitants of the village twenty years after the pit closed, those whose fathers barely remember the days of coal, the neatly dressed windows and weather-washed streets embarking on a new century.

Twenty Years Later will run from the October 22 to December 17 2011 in the Decisive Moment Gallery. Entry, as always, is free.

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