Andrej Balco 

Decisive Moment Gallery is proud to present the first UK exhibition of renowned Slovak photographer Andrej Balco, Suburbs. Born in 1973, Andrej studied photography at the famous Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic. He has won numerous national awards for his work in central Europe, including the 2010 best photo journalism award for his project about women anthracite workers, 1st prize in the portrait category of the 2007 Czech Press Photo Awards, and a special prize for his exhibition Domesticas in Lodz, Poland in 2009.

Suburbs represents some of  Andrej’s work in and around the towns and cities of his native Slovakia. He writes:

“More than 2 million Slovaks, over a third of the population, live in high rise flats.
In the 1970s the building of these blocks of flats contributed to 97% of overall housing developments. For comparison this figure was 70% in the Czech republic and 50% in Poland.

This research for my project focused on analysing and documenting who lives in these buildings. What kind of people, and whether we can consider them a ‘block of flat’ type of people. While working on this research I have many times come across an opinion that living in high rise flats is characterised by plaster like bathrooms, broken post boxes and grey colour. But I have tried to avoid this stereotyped view. Instead I was trying to point out the colourfulness, variety and vividness of life in our high rise flats”.

Andrej Balco will be a guest of Darlington Media Group at the exhibition opening on Saturday January 14th, 2012, starting at 2pm. The exhibition runs until March 10th.

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