Running March 24 – May 12 Linda Taylor’s Northern Calling will reside at the Decisive Moment Gallery.

Linda’s chance encounter with Gypsies and Travellers gathering at Yarm Fair in October 2010, led to an ongoing photographic project that is reflected in this her first solo exhibition, Northern Calling

The collection of images is a celebration of the rich tapestry of a traditional culture. The images focus upon the treasuring and perpetuating of the horse-drawn traditional way of life, co-existing within a modern and motorised world.

Three Northern Gypsy Gatherings are represented through the exhibition, although it is not only traditional Gypsy families who visit each venue, but many people from different backgrounds who give their support by attending and enjoying these fairs.

Appleby Fair in Cumbria, is the most important which takes place on the first week in June, from Thursday to the following Wednesday, the 2012 Fair will be from 7-13 June. It is essentially a weekend event, the main days being the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has been held each year from at least 1750.

Beyond the importance of documenting local history, Linda has tried to capture the passion of the people through her portraits and expressive studies.

‘Princess Megan with the Sparkling Eyes’, was awarded the winning image in Darlington’s Big Snap in 2010, and her image of local pigeon fancier ‘Maurice Surtees Waiting for his Birds’, has been chosen by The Royal Photographic Society as part of their 154th International Exhibition.

Linda has been invited to photograph The Queen’s racing pigeons in their loft on Sandringham Estate. She will be flying down south in April this year ….with her camera….!