Beauty and the Bike becomes an international brand

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The scene – a mass cycle ride in the Czech capital, Prague. I’m filming from the back seat of a cargo bike as other participants ride along with me. Suddenly one cyclist comes up to the camera. He recognises me from the screening of our film a few days ago in a city centre cinema. […]

Christmas Arts Fair

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Here Comes Everybody’s Art?

For the last hundred years the big organisational question has been whether any given task was best taken on by the state, directing the effort in a planned way, or by businesses competing in a market. This debate was based on the universal and unspoken supposition that people couldn’t simply self-assemble; the choice between markets […]

Darlington Film Club to screen Short Films before Features

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The Darlington Film Club is going to show local short films in front of their feature programmes. A time-honoured tradition that has been lost to the multiplex and its money grabbing advertorials. Darlington Media Group is proud to be a part of this initiative. For more information check out the film clubs Facebook page   […]

100,000 Upload Views and Counting

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Darlington Media Group’s recent documentary project Beauty and the Bike has received its 100,000th view this week on the project’s YouTube Channel. Less than two years after the launch of the project online, the 8 minute online version has been viewed around 78,000 times, whilst other shorts relating to the development of the project have […]

Bookings now being taken for courses

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The following courses commence the week beginning Monday September 12th: The Art of Photography Digital Photography for Beginners Digital Photos –Reworked Shooting &Editing Techniques Advanced Shooting &Editing Techniques For more information please call (01325) 488 139 Check the Courses Calendar for up to date details on courses and other activities being run at the Media Workshop All […]

Back Online

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The media workshop is back online. The phone lines have been sorted thanks to a swift response from the buildings team at the Darlington Arts Centre and BT. We also have a new addition to our computing line up thanks to a generous donation from a new member

So Who Decides What Excellence in the Arts Means?

After the cuts, the Darlington Arts Enquiry process rumbles on. What are we going to do without the generous support of Darlington Borough Council in the future? The first wave of policy statements coming out of the process were effusive in their enthusiasm for the arts in the town. The presence of Darlington for Culture […]

Pointless Vandalism

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The Media Workshop has become victim of petty minded thieves. Stealing a small amount of cheap cable. At the moment we have no phone or internet access thanks to these ignorant idiots. Please excuse any delays we may have in returning any correspondence. We are looking to fix this problem as soon as possible Thank […]