V.I.B.E. award

R.A.I.D. award

The ten young people who were brought together in late 2006 to develop an HIV/AIDS awareness project in Darlington, travelled to Lesotho in August to witness first hand what an AIDS pandemic means. Now that they have returned, they are starting work on an AIDS awareness campaign with the help of DMG.

Video footage shot in Lesotho and Darlington is now being asssembled into a short film, that will be used as a trigger to discussion about AIDS/HIV. The film will be toured around the Tees Valley in spring 2008.

RAID team members were presented with VIBE Awards (pictured above) for their efforts, at the recent Civic Theatre bash. Meanwhile, the group have set up a blog, which features some of their “work in progress”, as well as some reflections on the project so far.